The adventures of Charlotte and David Sharp continue in part 2 of our 5 part action adventure Design For Life.  Set in the world of the maker movement, this installment unveils our heavies and the serious threat our heroes have stumbled upon.  Unexpected, fun and full of surprises be sure to check it out.  And if you haven't read volume 1 yet - that is available HERE.  




Who Are White & White? The question we should ask is the one we all ignore. They make our phones, our computers, our security cameras, our tablets. Soon, they will build our Smart Homes, Smart Offices, Smart Schools. They will have access to every aspect of our lives from birth until death.

Who Are White & White? They are not a public company. (They have no plans to go public.) They have no board. (They have no plan to elect a board.) They operate within the law, according to the government. (Trust the government at your own discretion.)

Who Are White & White? When a stranger arrives at our door, do we invite them in? Let them look through our diary? Give them access to our credit cards? Social security number? Computer passwords? Then why do we give White & White such freedom?

Who are they?

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