At long last, Lauren A. Forry's Design for Life Vol. 3 has arrived! [If you haven't indulged in this series yet, STOP.  You can find part one HERE.] 

When we last left David Velasquez and Charlotte Sharp things were not looking good. Charlotte had been kidnapped by corrupt employees of White & White and locked up with a woman who makes Annie Wilkes from Misery seem positively charming.  Charlotte's husband David has been arrested for a crime he did not commit.  SO our heroes are - in simple terms - screwed.  

This is part three of five in the Design for Life series.  Grab it while you can and look for the next two parts to land later this year. 

 DESIGN FOR LIFE VOL. 3 by Lauren A. Forry

The concrete bench numbed David’s back, and a small headache formed where his skull rested on the hard slab. While his left hand picked at chips in the edge of the concrete, his right remained balled in a fist on his stomach as the gray, stained ceiling pressed down like a heavy cloud. If he didn’t move, didn’t blink, he could pretend it was a cloud, that he was lying on the ground somewhere in Central Park and Charlotte was only a hair’s breadth away. But the illusion vanished with each whiff of urine and damp. The clanking of metal doors and shouts of the incarcerated amplified the pain in his head. If he glimpsed out the narrow, rectangular slot of his own door, he could see portions of the long hallway that contained him, but after the passing of so many hours, David found he preferred the view of the ceiling. As a pair of boots thumped down the hall, David thought about what could have made the orange stain in the upper right corner, and how, if he outlined it in black marker, it could resemble a child’s drawing of a pumpkin, and how he and Charlotte never got around to carving pumpkins last Halloween because he had been too busy toying with a new electric imp …

            The boots halted at his door.

            “Velasquez. Time to go.”

            David hoisted himself up from the bench as a female duty officer unlocked the door. His hair was sticky from sweat, and he felt the grease on his fingers as he ran his fingers through his scalp. Charlotte had been going to grab him a new bottle of Head and Shoulders when she went to the store tomorrow.

            “Come on, Velasquez. Move it.”

            “They decide to send me to Rikers after all?”