SEMantics by Brandon Easton

We love when this happens, it's what makes Brick Moon Fiction so exciting.  This month's prompt was Tyranny of History - our writers were to riff on the notion that we are beholden to the tenants of history and not always in a good way.  SEMantics is what one of our favorite writers Brandon Easton came up with.

It is a few moments into the future.  The race crisis in America explodes on the fulcrum of a heinous crime and as a result - an APP is developed.  Yes.  A simple APP.  It's free to download, free to the public.  It's function?  It allows people to scan African Americans to find where they rank on a scale of criminality.  Bullshit, right?  Except that people start volunteering their information to the APP and things snowball outrageously from there...  Enjoy, SEMantics, the first of four podcasts riffing on the Tyranny of History.