In the past few years we've seen unprecedented computer hacks.  The DNC hacked by the Russians.  A major Hollywood studio hacked by North Korea.  In both incidents information - from personal to private - was laid out for the world to see.  It was a startling thing to witness.  With that in mind Brick Moon wanted to dive a bit further into the world of "radical transparency" in the way only Brick Moon can. This time our writers collectively riffed on the question, "What if everything you held private disappeared overnight?  What if your life became an open book for all to see?"  What we got back were seven stories that exceeded our expectations.  From horrific, to inspiring to moving please enjoy Radical Transparency.

And we have our free short story TROLL by Jason D'Aprile also featured as a free audio download, just click the link uptop to stream or click the download button on the far right - you know, the one that says "download."  

TROLL by Jason D'Aprile


It was just there, waiting for him when he sat down at the computer for the morning. Or afternoon. Whatever time it was. He smirked at it. All caps with a generic egg as the user picture and the name just a meaningless string of ones and zeroes. It was nothing new. There was a slew of offensive messages waiting for him. He counted on it every day. Lived for it, really.   (Read More...)