THE WEAPONIZATION OF NARRATIVE - THE BRICK MOON FICTION ANNUAL VOL. 3  Yes, it's our third annual compilation of the best short stories of the year, and this year - we had a theme.  We are bombarded by information on a daily basis.  We process this information and our brains construct a narrative that forms the very basis of our identity.  But who controls the information?  How is it delivered?  This year Brick Moon Fiction's writers tackled these questions on multiple fronts.  This collection of stories ask who we are, how we relate to one another and how do we confront:  The Weaponization of Narrative.  

THE END OF TYRANNY  A teacher persecuted for teaching lessons that 'trigger' certain students.  An app that specializes in racial profiling.  A group of tenacious nomads living in the shadow of the enormous border-wall separating the US from Mexico.  The End of Tyranny is a compilation of profound stories umbilically linked to the tumultuous world around us.  Brick Moon Fiction's writers explore today's hot-button issues in compelling and sometimes shocking fashion.  In fact, someone even gets an ear bitten off.  

THE BRICK MOON FICTION ANNUAL VOL. 2  Our second annual represents the best of our speculative fiction short stories from the year 2016. These stories were pulled together from the anthologies Revolution, Romance and Radical Transparency and they are deeply engaging and timeless.  The book is available in print and digital and this also marks the year we launched the BMF Podcast where many of these stories can be heard in audio form for free!

RADICAL TRANSPARENCY: STORIES FROM THE FUTURE OF PRIVACY  What if you woke up and all your secrets were exposed for all the world to see?  In this latest volume of speculative fiction, we examine that exact scenario.  Here we peel back the veil on human relationships, put ourselves in the skin of a computer wired into the world at large and even throw back the curtain on the most vile of creatures - the internet troll.  

REVOLUTION: STORIES FROM THE FUTURE REVOLUTION  Brick Moon's newest anthology examines the tipping-point and beyond of several 'what if' scenarios all dealing with the theme of Revolution.  Topical, insightful, disturbing and inspiring this collection is sure to captivate from beginning to end.  

ROMANCE: STORIES FROM THE FUTURE OF LOVE is our first anthology of 2016 and one of our best.  This collection of stories all relating to the speculative future of love, romance and courtship run the gamut from amusing to bitterly dark to heart achingly sweet.  The future of love?  It's you with this collection. 

THE BRICK MOON FICTION ANNUAL VOL. 1  Now you can have every short story Brick Moon released in 2015!   What could be better than a compilation full of compilations of mind blowing, freaky stories?  That's a rhetorical question, don't answer just read.  

VISIONS ON VISIONS is our first anthology and features five stories from the world of Augmented Reality.  Kevin O'Hara, Eric Del Carlo, Sam French, Nicholas Thurkettle and Lauren A. Forry give us their takes on our digitally enhanced world.  

LOOKING OUT AND LOOKING IN is our second anthology featuring some great stories by authors you know from the first book, plus some new comers.  Eric Del Carlo, Sam French, Nicholas Thurkettle, Kevin O'Hara, Brandon Easton and Lauren Signorino deliver some wildly imaginative stories all centering around the technological marvel of satellite tech.  

INHERITANCE: THE BLACK SHEEP is the third release from Brick Moon fiction.  This was a fun experiment that yielded some great results.  Each writer was given the same arena to play in, 'come up with a story where the black sheep of the family inherits something of great importance.'  They all had the same starting point and they all came up with something pretty fantastic.  Check it out.


FUTURE TECHNOLOGY:  STORIES FROM THE CUTTING EDGE  Anthology numero four brings us a firework burst of 'what next.'  Take a look around your house, check out the tech you take for granted.  Remember where that tech was five years ago?  Ten?  Well, now we're gonna take a look forward into the future of personal technology.  Enjoy!

THE FUTURE OF FOOD: STORIES FROM THE WORLD OF FOOD, FARMING AND AGRICULTURE  The fifth anthology from Brick Moon Fiction examines the origin and future of what you probably take for granted at least three times a day.  Ranging from the whimsical to the downright scary, once again Brick Moon's writers are here to blow your mind.  

THIRST: STORIES ABOUT THE FUTURE OF WATER Brick Moon Fiction's latest speculates on the future of one of our planet's most valuable resources - water.  Our writers have come up with four scenarios that are wild, occasionally horrific, but always thought provoking.  

TRASH: STORIES FROM THE WORLD OF WASTE is Brick Moon's final anthology of 2015.  It's only fitting that we end this wonderful year in a perfectly trashy way.  The unifying theme is waste and the stories are all gems.  You'll enjoy this one!